Getting Married vs Lockdown – current rules and restrictions…..

Question – “Can I get married in England during the current lockdown”

Answer – All wedding ceremonies are currently banned in England unless it is under “exceptional circumstances”.

Question – “What is classed as exceptional circumstances”

Answer – As an example, if a person requires an urgent marriage due to terminal illness, or is undergoing serious, life changing surgery – whereby they may not recover.

Question – “How many people can attend our wedding/ceremony if it should take place under exceptional circumstances”

Answer – Current Government guidelines state that up to 6 people can attend, this does not include those working. Wedding’s and ceremonies must take place in secure, Covid-19 venues/outdoor spaces.

Question – “When will these rules change, and do they apply to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland”

Answer – As it stands the current restrictions are in place until the middle of February, where it will then be reviewed. The above rules are for England only, with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland setting their own rules. These can be found via the Government website.

Looking ahead…….

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccination, and rapid testing by Easter/April 2021 – should allow weddings to go back to normal by Summer 2021, adding that “The UK should be in a different world by then”.

“My hope is by summer it really will be a different world for the weddings and events industry. I hope that your potential customers will be full of confidence and optimism as well and will be getting hitched in the normal way.

“I think you should be able to plan for a much more active summer and lots of happy nuptial events all over the UK.”Boris Johnson, Prime Minister