Getting Married vs Lockdown – current rules and restrictions…..

Question – “Can I get married in England during the current lockdown”

Answer – All wedding ceremonies are currently banned in England unless it is under “exceptional circumstances”.

Question – “What is classed as exceptional circumstances”

Answer – As an example, if a person requires an urgent marriage due to terminal illness, or is undergoing serious, life changing surgery – whereby they may not recover.

Question – “How many people can attend our wedding/ceremony if it should take place under exceptional circumstances”

Answer – Current Government guidelines state that up to 6 people can attend, this does not include those working. Wedding’s and ceremonies must take place in secure, Covid-19 venues/outdoor spaces.

Question – “When will these rules change, and do they apply to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland”

Answer – As it stands the current restrictions are in place until the middle of February, where it will then be reviewed. The above rules are for England only, with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland setting their own rules. These can be found via the Government website.

Looking ahead…….

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccination, and rapid testing by Easter/April 2021 – should allow weddings to go back to normal by Summer 2021, adding that “The UK should be in a different world by then”.

“My hope is by summer it really will be a different world for the weddings and events industry. I hope that your potential customers will be full of confidence and optimism as well and will be getting hitched in the normal way.

“I think you should be able to plan for a much more active summer and lots of happy nuptial events all over the UK.”Boris Johnson, Prime Minister

Transform your venue!

Having owned and ran a successful events dressing business before starting One & All Wedding Accessories – we know first hand what a difference chair covers can make to any venue, transforming even the most tired and drab of chairs.

We also recall all too well, that despite how pretty a sea of colourful bows/sashes may be…….before too long said bows are slipping down the chair back, are being dragged around on the floor – and are even being worn as a head scarf *yes really*. With our new, 3D rosette back chair covers you can still get the “wow factor”, and create an impact – without the look literally ‘slipping away’ as the day/evening goes on!

We currently have some great offers on last minute winter booking’s, and Spring 2021 booking’s. Including discounts for local venue’s and businesses.

For a personalised quote, or if you have any questions – please drop us an email, we love to hear from you!

Love for Preloved

Our new Preloved shop is now up and running – this section is solely for preloved/second hand/unwanted but new (with or without tags) items.

We are happily selling item’s on other peoples behalf, which includes taking photos of the item*, writing up the adverts, sharing amongst our social network platforms, and various advertising sites.

Item’s you can sell with us include preloved bridal dresses/gowns, bridal party wear, bridal accessories, jewellery, wedding decor and items.

Advert options available.

If you have a preloved item you wish to sell, and would like us to list your item with us – please drop us an email

*terms and conditions apply

New Beginnings

If someone would have told me this time last year that I would be here, typing away on my newly built website (my lockdown project), surrounded by bridal pretties and fresh, new chair covers…….I would have said they were crazy!

Having ran a successful wedding event hire company some years ago (One and All Chair Covers), which started as a humble samples box, and grew to be a recognisable name within Cornwall and the South West, working with some of the best known hotels and venues, Pirate FM, Eden Project and more……and having made the difficult decision to sell, I never thought I would be here again.

Life has changed in so many ways since my One and All Chair Covers days, and just as I found new beginnings with my personal life, I found myself longing for new beginnings in my professional life.

So – here we are, starting again, with new ideas, and a new found passion for wedding’s and all things pretty!

Here’s to new beginnings!

Much love,

Gemma – One & All Wedding Accessories